Assigning program code (STU.PGM) to each student for remote instruction ensures that a variety of COVID-19 attendance scenarios can be tracked for reporting purposes. Although the program code can be assigned to students individually, the Mass Add Student Related Data page allows you to assign the codes to many students at once. The layout can be saved allowing you to easily repeat the steps for each campus.

First, open a spreadsheet that contains a list of Student IDs for students at a school who will be assigned to a particular program code, such as Remote Asynchronous (RA).

Under School Info | Functions, select Mass Add Student Related Data.

Click Create New, then select PGM for Target Table.

Enter values for the CD and PSD fields. Optionally, enter values for CO and ST.

From the spreadsheet, select and copy the list of student IDs, and then paste the student IDs in the Student Search box.

Click Load Students.

Under Search Results (left), click All to select all students, or select individual students. 

Click the right arrow to move those students to the Selected Students (right) box.

Click Mass Add Records.

Click Save Layout to save the settings. This allows you to reuse the settings for other campuses.

Type an Import ID. In the Description field, type a name that describes the layout and click Save.

Select a different campus. From the Mass Add Student Related Data page, click Load Import, and then select the saved layout. The table field settings are loaded with the saved data. 

Paste the list of students for the next campus in the Student Search box and repeat the steps described above.

Once you have added the program code for all Remote Asynchronous students, repeat for students who will be assigned to a different program, such as Remote Synchronous (RS).