The TEA Minimum Standards for the Academic Achievement Record guidelines allow for the use of Special Explanation Codes on student transcripts. In Aeries, the Transcript Indicator Definitions page allows you to map local codes to those authorized by the state and add additional local codes. 

For example, if the student is taking a course where the Course Level (CRS.CL) is set to 37 (International Baccalaureate (IB) - Higher Level), and if that course characteristic is mapped to a local indicator (e.g., B - IB Course), the local code (B) will be displayed in the Transcript Indicators column. The Explanation for the local code (B = IB Course) will appear in the Transcript Indicators Legend on the Transcripts page, whether or not the student has the indicator.

The definitions must be set at the district level, since a student's transcript may contain courses from several schools. Indicators must be the same for every secondary school in the district. 

Indicators can be set up for any field on the Course table (CRS) or the Transcript table (Course History-HIS). Any transcript record that meets any of the Transcript Indicators the Indicator Code(s) in the Indicator field on that transcript record.

The Transcript Indicator Definitions page is available from Grade Reporting under Configurations.


To add a new definition, click Add.

Field Descriptions

The transcript indicators are stored in the XRF table.

  • Indicators: Type one character indicating the district's local code (mapped to XRF.CD).
  • Explanation: Type the description of indicator which will appear in the Transcript Indicators Legend (mapped to XRF.DE).
  • Table: Select the table to use in the comparison. Select CRS for the course table, or select HIS for the transcript table (mapped to XRF.TC1).
  • Field: Select the field from the table to use in comparison (mapped to XRF.FC1).
  • Comparison: Choose the comparison type (Equals, Not Equals, etc.) (mapped to XRF.SI).
  • Value: Type the value to be used in comparison (mapped to XRF.CD1).
  • State Code: Select the state-defined code that corresponds to the local Indicator.

State code field-TX

To edit an existing indicator, click on the pencil icon and make the changes. 

Click the save icon to save the changes, or the circular arrow to return the the existing settings. 

Student Transcripts

The transcript Indicators are displayed in the Indicators column on the student's transcript page. A Transcript Indicators Legend is displayed at the bottom of the page which includes all existing indicators.

NOTE:  As you can see, some fields on the Transcripts (HIS) page are only visible if the Course ID listed has a value in the Course Level (CRS.CL) field of either 23-College Credit Only or 24-Dual Credit. 


The Admin role will automatically have permissions to set up indicator definitions.