Non-Credit Based Grad Tracks can be used for students who are exempt from the standard requirements of credit completions or who are not on a track to complete high school in a traditional manner. Students in these Grad Tracks will still see credits accumulated in the Primary Subject Areas for the courses they complete, but Required Credits and Remaining Credits will not be calculated or displayed.  

Students in a Non-Credit Based Grad Track will not be included in the Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard Graduation Status area, or in the Mass Update Graduation Status process. Additionally, the Seniors Lacking Credit for Graduation report will not include these students. 

Creating a Non-Credit Based Grad Track

Graduation Tracks are created on the Graduation Requirements page. Click the dropdown under Track:

Select NEW | Add New Grad Track from the dropdown. Add a new code and description for the track:

The track will be created using the Default Grad Track's requirements. Select the Non Credit Based Track checkbox. 

A confirmation popup will warn that the credit requirements in this track will be erased. Click OK to confirm.

The Subject Areas will remain but the Grade Level columns and credits required will be removed.

Note: there is no need to remove the Subject Areas. If all of the Subject Areas are deleted from a Grad Track, the Grad Track is also deleted.