Each student's entire schedule of sections for the year, along with the Start and Stop Dates for each section, is displayed on the Course Attendance (CAR) page. When Attendance (ATT) and Course Attendance (CAR) are initialized, Course Attendance (CAR) Start and Stop Dates are pre-populated for the entire year for all sections in a student’s schedule. When a student's schedule is changed, the changes are added to the student's Course Attendance record. 

To access the page, filter Pages by "course attendance" or navigate to Student Data > Scheduling > Course Attendance.

In a Flex Scheduling school, Period (FTF) and Class Calendar (CCL) data are displayed along with the primary Section Staff (SSE) record assigned to the section . If a new teacher is assigned as primary on the Section Staff record in MST, the CAR record will automatically display the new teacher.  

In the example below, the student is scheduled for sections in Terms F, S, and Y. All sections are displayed with Start and Stop Dates for the entire year. 

To display classes for a particular date, type in the date or use the calendar drop-down to pick a date and click Refresh

Note: The school option to "Allow Issue Credit on Classes / Course Attendance pages" has been temporarily disabled for Flex Scheduling. The "Issue Credit" button will continue to display for non-flex schools.