This is a workaround that can be used by customers who may be accustomed to the old method of creating summer schools, where all (or many) students are mass copied into the summer schools, and then once those students are copied, individual students can be activated/inactivated, and standard scheduling procedures used to schedule them.

Note: Use of this workaround should be carefully considered, and only used after reviewing all summer school process documentation, since it bypasses several features, such as managing summer school course requests within your current school year.

Below is a quick way to get ALL students ready to be in the Summer School while still using the current Summer School setup.


Follow the instructions to:


Add a new summer school in School Options:


Add Term 1 in the Summer School Terms page:


Add a Summer School Course on the Summer School Courses page:


Run a Query KEEP statement to keep all the students in the school.  This must be done in each traditional school.


Use the Mass Add Student Related Data to add the one Summer School course request to ALL students in each of the traditional Schools


  • Create a New Import – Select the SSR Table
  • Input the Summer School number in the SSC field
  • Input the Term from the Summer School in the TM field
  • Input the Course ID for the Summer School


Since a Query KEEP was run; when clicking on the Load Students button, all students can be Loaded


Select All and use the arrow to move the students to the Selected Students list. 

Finally select the Mass Add Records button.  An email will be generated.

After all students have this Summer School course request, the Copy Students into Summer Schools process can be used to copy all students.

The students Summer School Course Requests (SSR) records will be copied to the Student Course Requests (SSS) table and will display on the Course Request page in the summer school.

Scheduling can continue in the Scheduling Master Schedule in the summer school and when ready, the Copy Scheduling Results to SEC and MST process can be run.  The Terms and Calendar can be configured as usual.