When a Parent or Student logs in to the Portal they will see the new Summer School Course Request Entry page under Classes

This new page functions similarly to the existing Course Requests Entry page.  The Student selects a Term from the drop down.  Only those available to them are listed.   In this example, the Student has been assigned to the Regular Online Scheduling Group. 

The Terms have been set up so that the Regular group is assigned to the Term 1.  However, Term 2 has no Group assignment so it is available to all during the dates they are allowed to enter Course Requests.  So both appear in his dropdown.  But, the Credit Recovery and other Terms do not show for this Student because they are assigned another Group.

If each Term has a Group, then the Student will only see that Group.  Here, we've added another Term that the Regular group is also a part of.  

Here's how it appears to the Student.

Entering Course Requests

After choosing the Term, the Student will see the Summer Course Request Entry page.

The page shows which grade is being scheduled and how many Course Requests are allowed for Primary and Alternate if these have been set.  The Student can then search for a specific course, Subject Area or view all courses by simply clicking 'Search'.  These are the Courses assigned to this Term that they can choose.

They can add Course Requests using the '+Add' or the '?' buttons.  If there is a Course Description in CRS it will show up when using the either button.

After selecting the Course it will appear under the Primary or Alternate sections.  The Student can continue adding Courses until they reach the Maximum designate in Portal Options.

Setting Summer Alternate Course Request Priority

The student can set the priority of summer alternate course requests. Once the priority is set, if the primary course is not available the first alternate course will be scheduled first, if the first alternate course is not available then the subsequent alternate course will be scheduled. 

To set priority, summer alternate courses need to be sorted in the desired order to be scheduled. To sort Summer Alternate Course Requests, select the Priority Sort button. 

The Summer Alternate Course Requests window will enter edit mode with a drop and drag feature that allows each Summer Alternate Course Request to be moved. A Move button with a vertical arrow will display to the left of the delete button. The student can select the Move button of the Summer Alternate Course Request(s) that need to be adjusted. The Summer Alternate Course Request can be moved either up or down and placed in the desired position. Click the Done button once courses are placed in the desired order.  

Linking Summer Alternate Course Requests to Primary Summer Course Requests

Once the priority of Summer Alternate Course Requests is set the student can link the summer alternate course requests to the selected primary Summer Course Requests using the Manage button in the Summer Course Request section.  The Manage button is used to link one or more summer alternate course requests to a primary summer course request. The number of summer alternate course requests assigned to a primary summer course will also be displayed. There is no limit to the amount of alternate courses that can be linked to primary courses. 

The student can link a Summer Alternate Course Request by selecting the Manage button of the course request record that needs to have an alternate course linked to it. Selecting the Manage button will open the Manage Alternate Request Association window for the selected course. The alternate courses will be listed in the priority order that was previously set. The student can then select the check mark to the left of the alternate course or courses that will be linked to the student course request. Click the Save button to save the selections and close the window. 

In the sample below the student has linked two summer alternate courses: ROP GrapArt/Mul (0839) and IB Vis Arts SL (0118) to the student's primary Art (J722) course. 

Deleting Course Requests

 The Student can delete selected Course Requests unless they have been locked by staff or Scheduling has been run.

Course Requests Link

Clicking the Course Requests link will show the Summer School Course Requests that they have selected.

The Summer Course Requests are now available on the Course Requests/Schedule page and can be used for Scheduling purposes.