The Online Summer School Course Requests allows Parents and Students to submit their Course Requests for Summer School through the Parent/Student Portal.  

Please note:

  • If you are going to use the Online Scheduling Groups, add the codes in the Update Code Table page in STU.OSS in your regular schools.
  • In addition to the Security needed for Portal Groups to enter regular Course Requests, they need Read and Update to SSR.
  • In your Summer School Scheduling Setup page, ensure you have Initialized SSS & SMS and that Summer School Course Request Scheduling is checked. When you initialize SSS & SMS, you need to choose between Scheduling for the current year or Scheduling for next year.  This will depend on whether your Summer School is at the end of the current year or starting the next year. Your regular school may have the Scheduling Tables active for Scheduling for Next Year while your Summer School is Scheduling for the current year.  This will have an effect on the Grade Level options for courses and date ranges for Course Requests.

Online Scheduling Groups

Online Scheduling Groups are optional and can be used to group Students together for Course Request Entry in the Portal.  They can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Students can be assigned to groups for the purpose of assigning date ranges for Course Request Entry separate from their Grade Level.  You can have a group of Early submission students, maybe ones you want to give the first chance to sign up for classes.  Then you could have a Regular submission group for the majority of your students and possibly a Late submission group.
  • Students can be assigned to groups for the purpose of limiting their selection of Courses they can request.  Working in conjunction with Summer School Terms, you can create a group of select classes and assign an Online Scheduling Group to that term and the Students who have been assigned that Scheduling Group will only be able to choose the classes from that Term.
  • Students can be assigned to groups for the purpose of assigning them to a specific Summer Session/Term, e.g. First Summer Session, Second Summer Session.  They can only select the courses assigned to that Term.

If you are going to use the Online Scheduling Group option, ensure you have your codes entered in STU.OSS at the regular school.  If you have multiple schools feeding into one Summer School, the codes must be the same in those schools.  Once codes have been entered in the COD table, a new field will appear on the Course Requests / Schedule page next to the regular Schedule Group field.  The field will not display unless you have entered codes in STU.OSS.

This is where you assign an Online Scheduling Group to a Student.

Summer School Terms

Summer School Terms can be used as traditional Terms tied to calendar dates for different Summer Sessions or as Scheduling Groups used in conjunction with Online Scheduling Groups.  Multiple Terms can be associated with the Scheduling Terms defined in School Options.  These Terms can be set up either in the regular School or Summer School.

You may use traditional Terms or Custom Scheduling Groups.  These are defined in the COD table in SST.TM

After selecting the option for Scheduling Term, you can select the Online Scheduling Group that will have access to this Term for Course Requests

You can configure as many Terms as you would like, mapped to the Scheduling Terms in School Options

If you do not assign a Scheduling Group to a Term, the Term will be available to all students to submit Course Requests, depending on how your date ranges are defined.

Summer School Courses for Portal  

Courses are added to each Summer School Term as for a regular Summer Session, but with the additional option of making specific Courses available to the Portal for Course Requests.  This gives Schools the flexibility to have a set of Courses available for the Summer Session, but not all are available for students to choose.  Maybe some need to have a Counselor approve it and so it is not available in the Portal.

Checking a Course to include in Summer School does not check the Portal? box.  However, selecting the Portal? box will also check the Course selection box.