The Mass Change Every Nth ATT Codes process will change a student’s All Day and/or Period attendance codes based on the selected criteria. This form will allow users to change attendance for students to be specific codes on every Nth pattern.  

This form was converted from the Aeries Client version with the same logic.

An example of the use of this form is to change every 3rd Tardy for a student to a Truant Tardy for all periods.  An example will be shown below.

The Mass Change Every Nth ATT Code form in an elementary school will not display the Periods options.  Only the All Day code will be changed.

The Change Every field has a drop-down that includes a blank.  If the blank is selected, All of the selected codes will be changed for the date range entered.  Otherwise, the codes will be changed based on the Change Every pattern selected.

In a period attendance school, the process will look at the individual periods to keep the pattern. 

An individual period can be selected.  If an individual period is selected, the process will only change attendance codes in the selected period for the pattern selected.

If an individual period is not selected, one of the following options must be selected:

  • Only All Day Code - the process will only analyze the All Day code and not analyze the period absences
  • All Periods (including all day code) - the process will analyze all periods and the All day codes
  • All Periods (no all day code) - the process will only analyze the period codes and not analyze the All Day codes

Below is an example of a student's attendance before running the Mass Change Every Nth ATT Code process to change every T to Y every 3rd instance for all periods.   The process will analyze each period and look for 3 of the select codes period by period and change the 3rd code to the selected code.  

The student below has 4 tardies in 1st period, 1 tardy in 5th period and another in 6th period. 

A Confirmation message will display with the date range and options selected.

A results section will display the students with attendance code changes.

Below is the attendance of the example student after the process is run.  1/17/2020 was the 3rd 1st period tardy and was changed from a T to a Y.  The tardies in the other periods were not changed due to the pattern of every 3rd was not met.

NOTE:  The process will change codes in the other direction also to keep the pattern.