The Off Campus Pass can print notes from the Attendance Notes form indicating the student has permission to be off campus. A Time to Leave and Approval field can display on the Attendance Note form for specific codes.

In order to have the Time to Leave and Approval field display on the Attendance Note form for specific codes the value of 1.00 MUST be added to the Off Pass Campus codes on the Update Code Table form.

From the Update Code Table form select the ATN table and the CD field. Select the Off Campus code and enter 1.00 in the Amount field and save the record.

Print Off Campus Pass

From the Attendance Notes form enter the Period that the student will be off campus.  Click the mouse on the drop down list for the Code field.  Only the Off Campus codes that display Off Campus in the right hand side can be used to display the Time to Leave and Approval fields.

Select the Off Campus code from the code drop down.  The Time to Leave and Approval fields will display.

Enter the Time to Leave and Enter the person’s name that Authorized by: the student to be off campus.  Save the record.

To print the off campus pass  click the printer icon to the left side of the attendance note.


Note:  the printer icon will only display for Attendance Notes codes (ATN.CD) set up with a 1.00 entered in the Amount field from Update Code Table form.  

The Off Campus Slip will display on standard letter size paper and can be printed on a laser printer.  Click the mouse on the Printer icon.  

If a receipt printer is being utilized a receipt can be printed 2.75 inches wide