The Gradebook feature is now available on the Aeries Teacher App.  The Gradebook page can be accessed by the Navigation bar in the upper left corner or at the bottom of the page.   The Gradebook app has the ability to create, edit, delete, push and import assignments as well as update student scores.

Selecting the gradebooks page will return a list of all gradebooks created by the teacher.  These gradebooks are categorized by Current Terms and Past Terms respectively.  

Within a gradebook, you will see an assignment drop-down list where you can toggle between assignments linked to the gradebook.  Upon selecting an assignment, a list of students in the class will be displayed.  This student list is managed from the Manage Student section in Gradebook on the Teacher Portal.  The Grade Percentage and the # Correct (Score) for the assignment is displayed for each student.  The displayed columns can be sorted by Name, Grade % or Score.  

Selecting a name will drill down to display all assignments for the student.  The Assignment name, Grade Percentage and # Correct (Score) will display in the columns.  On the top header, the student's Overall Grade for the class will display and the percentage.  The displayed columns can be sorted by Assignment, Grade % or Score.

Editing Student Scores

To edit a student's gradebook record, click on the actual Score or Grade % next to the student's name. The edit mode will display and allow for updating the date an assignment was completed, the score, correct possible, points earned, status and comment.

Mass Grading Options

Within the Edit Scores mode, mass grading options are available.  The teacher has the ability to Mass Update Grades by Score, Status or Comment.  For example, select to mass add a status code for all students for this assignment. After selecting the code (AM-Absent - Able to Make Up), select the green BEGIN button which will take you to a list of students in the class. Select a few students or select all students. Use the checkbox to check and un-check students. Once you are ready to mass add the code, select the "green button at the top. This button will display the code or data in which you are mass adding. In this example, it shows "Apply Status 'AM' to selected student(s)". 

Once completed, a message will display to let you know the records have been successfully added.


To create, push or import an assignment, navigate to the Gradebook tab and select a gradebook. Next select Manage in the top of the screen.  You will have 3 icons on the bottom, the blue arrow down icon is the "Import" icon and will allow you to import an assignment into one of your gradebooks.  The blue arrow up icon is the "Push" icon and will allow you to push (copy) an assignment to another gradebook.  The green plus icon allows you to "Create" a new assignment.

Import Assignment

On the "Import Assignment Into" screen, select the teacher who's assignment you are importing from, then select the gradebook. A list of assignments will appear for the selected gradebook. Any assignment can be imported from any teacher unless the gradebook has standards attached. Teacher-created assignment standards can only be pushed to gradebooks that are associated with the same course and teacher. 

To import the assignment, select the Import button to the left of the assignment name. A green check-mark will appear once the assignment was successfully imported.

Push Assignment

On the "Push Assignment from" screen, select the assignment from the list that will be pushed to another gradebook. If you have gradebooks that are linked, they will be displayed by groups. When pushing an assignment to a linked gradebook, the assignment will be copied to all gradebooks linked to that selected group. Assignments can only be pushed to gradebooks with defined categories. Teacher-created assignment standards can only be pushed to gradebooks that are associated with the same course and teacher. 

To push the assignment, select the Push button to the left of the gradebook selected. A green check-mark will appear once the assignment was successfully copied.

Create Assignment

Selecting the green + icon will take you to the edit assignment page.  The assignment number will automatically be populated with the next available assignment number for the gradebook selected.  This number can be changed if desired to an unused number. 

Populate the following information to create the new assignment.  Some areas are optional:  assignment name, description, type, category, narrative grading, date assigned, date due, # correct possible, points possible, grading completed, visible to portal, score visible to portal, drop box, extra credit and standards. 

During this process, the ability to push this new assignment to a different gradebook is an option. If desired, select the box labeled "Push new assignment to selected gradebooks" and select the box next to the gradebook you wish to copy this assignment to. Lastly, select the SAVE button in the top right corner to save the new assignment with all of the options selected.