Teachers have the ability to take attendance for each of their classes on the new Aeries Teacher App.

Home Screen

On the home screen, a widget will display for Class Attendance Status to indicate if attendance has been taken for each of the periods.  These widgets can be toggled on or off by selecting the + in the upper right corner of the app. The Attendance page can be accessed by the Navigation bar in the upper left corner or at the bottom of the page.


On the attendance page, the teacher has the option to change the date if attendance is being taken for a different day. This is only available if the district has set the portal options to allow teachers to take attendance for previous dates or future dates. The periods are listed in the drop-down and are color coded.  Periods that display in RED means attendance has not been taken for that class yet.  Periods displayed in BLACK means attendance has already been taken for that class.

To take attendance simply scroll down the student list and tap the desired absence code for the student.  These codes are predefined by your district.  When at least one student has had their attendance taken, a message in green will display to let you know attendance has been submitted on selected date and time.

If no students are absent or tardy for the displayed period, tap the green box "All remaining students are present". You will be prompted to either cancel or select "YES" to confirm.  A message will appear confirming attendance was submitted successfully and the attendance submission date and time attendance was updated.  It is important to mark all remaining students as present when there are no students absent or tardy in the period so that the Attendance Submission Log gets updated.