Class Tools is new category in the Teacher App that has several features:  Class Roster, Pick Student, Create Groups and Face Match.


The Class Roster will return a list of students actively enrolled in the teachers classes. The Class dropdown will display all sections connected to the teacher via Master Schedule and will display each section within a period separately. Students who are no longer enrolled in the section will not display in the list. The Class Roster displays basic information such as student name, student ID and the student's photo. Selecting on either the photo or the name will open the Student's profile page. The profile page contains some basic demographic data, class summary and contacts.


Pick Student feature allows the teacher app to randomly pick students from their classroom.  This is helpful in the event that a teacher would like to randomly assign a student to various tasks such as lead in the Pledge of Allegiance, be the class reader for the day, or to assign a classroom helper.

The page defaults to display the Class drop-down of the teacher's current gradebooks if school type is secondary or the teacher's name will be listed on top in school's without a master schedule such as elementary. Simply use your finger to swipe left or right on the image in the center of the screen.

As you randomly select students, the student's picture will display along with the student's name, student ID, the number of times the student has been picked, as well as the date last picked.  The randomly selected students are unique for each date and class and will reset automatically the following day. An option is available to include recently picked students when swiping the image. With this option enabled, the entire class will be included in the random student selection process allowing students to be chosen multiple times. The trash can icon will delete the history of chosen students from memory and will allow a fresh start for randomly picking students again.  

After selecting the trash can icon, select "Yes" and all students will be removed from the list and from memory.  There is an option to Cancel the delete process.


Create Groups is a new feature that will automatically divide your class into different groups depending on the group selected. Each group option will allow the app to generate up to 21 groups and will evenly distribute the students within the class into the group selected.

Students can be manually moved into other groups.  To do this, select the dropdown to the right of the student's name and choose the desired group that the student will be moved to. 


To reset your groups, select the custom option and groups will be removed. 

Match Game

Match Game is a feature available to help you identify and recognize your students in your class. This is a great tool at the beginning of the school year when students are new to the teacher. The arrows show the direction in which the matching process is done. Simply drag a name to the chosen student image. If the name is correctly matched to the image, the two cards will be removed from the page and will continue to display all unmatched students until there are no more names and images to match.  A timer will display to reflect how long the matching game has been in motion.  

A score will be calculated for all correct and incorrect matches.  The number of cards left will display and count down as matches are correctly identified. Selecting the "reset"  button in the top right corner will start the game over.

Once a game is complete, the game results will display to reflect the number of students matched, incorrect matches, accuracy percentage, a matching score and number of attempts made for each student.