Aeries Communications note:

This section only applies to districts using Aeries' Communications service. If you are not a Communications customer, users in your district will not see the Communications list item on the main app navigation.

Now in the palm of your hand, the platform that facilitates simple and easy communication across classrooms, schools and districts. If your district has Aeries Communications enabled, you can access it directly through the Aeries Teacher App!

Main screen

Opening Aeries Communications in the Aeries Teacher App is a very similar experience to opening it in your smartphone's web browser from the Aeries Web portal. Communications has always been a great mobile-optimized experience, so the app strives to extend that experience to the app.  No login should be necessary when accessing Aeries Communications, as you'll be signed in using SSO (single sign-on) based on the credentials you used to log into the app.

Using Aeries Communications

As the full Aeries Communication experience is available in the app, the full feature set is outside the scope of this documentation page. To access instructional content for Aeries Communication, please refer to the documentation below.

Aeries Com

Aeries Communication Documentation 

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