The Texas State Reporting page can be accessed at the school or district level. Navigate to School Info > Imports and Exports > Texas State Reporting.

The Texas State Reporting page allows for the creation of various extracts for submission to the state.

Texas State Reporting page


Admin rights or the Administer security permission for the State Reporting, Student SSN, and Staff SSN security areas are required to use the Texas State Reporting page. 

State ReportingAdministerRequired for all functionality
Student SSN (StudentSSN)Administer
Staff SSN (StaffSSN)Administer

Users with the above permissions will have access to all tabs on the Texas State Reporting page and will be able to run all the extracts, even if they do not have permission to view or update the individual tables that are used for Texas State Reporting.


The page is arranged in horizontal "accordion" tabs which can be expanded or collapsed using the up/down caret at the right of each tab.

Expand or contract horizontal tabs with caret

Each data collection has its own tab: PEIMS (see PEIMS Fall Submission, PEIMS Midyear Submission, PEIMS Summer Submission, and PEIMS Extended Submission), ECDS (see TSDS Core Collections ECDS), Class Roster (see TSDS Core Collections Class Roster), RF Tracker (see TSDS Core Collections RF Tracker), SPPI-14 (see TSDS Core Collections SPPI-14), and SELA (see TSDS Core Collections SELA). Other tabs include TSDS/PEIMS Options, Code Translations, Schools, Unique ID Functions and Tips & Documentation.

Note:  before creating any extracts, verify the settings on the Options, Code Translations, and Schools tab. If a custom Snapshot Date is selected, press Save on the Options tab to save the custom date.

File Management

Once an extract has been created, the file will be displayed at the top of the list under File Download. The file can be downloaded using the download button at the left of the file's row.

Download a file from the list

If files are no longer needed, they can be deleted from the list. The Delete Selected button will delete all selected files in the list, after a confirmation. The list of files can be limited by filtering the list. To filter the list, click on the Filters button and the Download Filters popup will be displayed:

Download Filters popup on Texas State Reporting page

Fill in one or more of the options:

  • Extract Type (from the Type column in the file list)
  • Created by (from the User column in the file list)
  • Created on (a specific date)
  • Created between hours (a specific time range)

Click the Apply Filter button to limit the list of files by the specified filters. In the example below, all extracts created by User jones.jane on November 10, 2021, will remain in the list once Apply Filter is pressed:

Apply Filter button on Download Filters popup

The filter will remain in effect until the Clear Filters button is pressed:

To delete files, check the file's checkbox under Select. In the example below, three files are selected for deletion:

Once the appropriate files have been selected for deletion, press the Delete Selected button:

Delete Selected files

A popup will be displayed:

At the top of the popup, the number of files to be deleted will be displayed (in the example above, three files will be deleted). To confirm deletion of the files, type the number provided on the popup, into the field below the number. Press the Confirm Action button.

The files will be deleted and will no longer display in the list:

Deleted files removed from list