The Texas State Reporting page allows for the creation of various extracts for submission to TSDS. 

The Texas State Reporting page can be accessed at the school or district level. Filter Pages by "Texas State Reporting" or navigate to School Info > Imports and Exports > Texas State Reporting.

The page is arranged in horizontal "accordion" tabs which can be expanded or collapsed using the up/down caret at the right of each tab.

Each data collection has its own tab: PEIMS, ECDS, Class Roster, RF Tracker, and SPPI-14. Other tabs include Options, Code Translations, Schools, Unique ID Functions and Tips & Documentation.

Note:  before creating any extracts, verify the settings on the Options, Code Translations, and Schools tab. If a custom Snapshot Date is selected, press Save on the Options tab to save the custom date.

Once an extract has been created, the file will be displayed at the top of the list under File Download. The extract file can be downloaded using the download button at the left of the file's row.