We will be redesigning the 504 (FOF) page to allow for more date fields so that districts will be able to manage Additional Meeting Types.  

We do not recommend having more than one open 504 record.  For now we recommend one of the following options:

  1. Enter the original program start date in the Effective Date (FOF.SD) field and Aeries will extract the 504 record each year with the correct enrollment dates. 
    • The student will only have one 504 record.
    • Enter the evaluation information and dates in the Comment (FOF.CO) field.
  2. Create new 504 records each year with an Effective Date (FOF.SD) of the start of the school year.
    • Manually add the Leave Date (FOF.ED) to the previous 504 record. 
    • This will allow the ability to add more information and re-evaluation information to each year's record.
    • 504 records can be extracted as an eligibility program. See CALPADS FAQs for more information.