The Interventions or Counseling table can be used to document the paperwork distribution applicable to 504 Accommodation Plans.  

  • Records in the 504 table (FOF) or Program (PGM.CD = 101) table should only be entered for students who qualify for a 504 Accommodation Plan.  
  • The CALPADS SPRG extract will extract any 504 (FOF) or Program (PGM.CD = 101) record that was open during the school year.
  • If records exist in 504 (FOF) and Program (PGM.CD = 101) table for the current year, the 504 (FOF) record will be extracted in the CALPADS SPRG file. 
  • The CALPADS SPRG file will extract open records even if the start date was in a prior year.  
  • Students, with open records from a prior year, will be extracted as in the program using the current year enrollment dates.