The Prescheduling Edit Listing report should be run after the Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) is built, but before students have been scheduled. The report displays potential schedules for students who will not completely schedule and conflict information. This report will honor a KEEP/SKIP query. 

Filter Reports by "prescheduling" or navigate to Reports > Scheduling > Prescheduling Edit Listing.

The Prescheduling Edit Listing report is intended to be run before students are scheduled:

If the scheduling process has been run, an acknowledgement notification will require you to check the box before printing the report:

The report will print all students who are predicted to not completely schedule, based on the availability of sections of the course, sections' grade range restrictions, and other factors. The period range (0-9) will print with an 'A' in each period when a section or sections of the course exist in the Scheduling Master Schedule

For each student, information is provided to help determine the issue. In this example, the student has more course requests than the number of periods when sections of each course are available:

In this example, no sections of the course exist in the Scheduling Master Schedule. Since this information applies both to the entire schedule and to one particular course, the information is repeated by the specific course. 

The following example shows a student who will not be scheduled into a section of course number 0335 because the student's next grade (or grade, if scheduling for the current year) is not within the section's grade range. 

In the following example, the student has a course request for a singleton in period 0, but the student's period range on the Course Requests page is 1-9. 

In the following example, all of the sections of the course have a Scheduling Group restriction different from the student's Scheduling Group:

Things to Check

The report can be compared with each student's Course Requests page, and the comparison may help clarify the issue. Additionally, other resources may be helpful: