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The Course Attendance Audit report checks Course Attendance records and provides validation messages for records that may be invalid.

The Print Course Attendance Audit Report Options is shown below:

Various options can be selected:

  • Sort by section instead of student
  • Skip attendance verification: 
    • will bypass errors for students with sections scheduled and no attendance data 
    • will bypass errors for students with course attendance prior to the first attendance enrollment record
  • Skip classes with overlapping dates will skip sections that have duplicate or overlapping CAR record dates (for example, a student with two 1st period sections scheduled)
  • Skip sections tagged not to print will skip sections tagged in Master Schedule to exclude: MST.ST of Y (Do not show on Attendance) or MST.ST of Z (Do not show on Grades or Attendance)
  • Include inactive students

Below is an example of the Course Attendance Audit report.