This report prints a matrix view of a school's staff schedule.  

From the Reports navigation tree, search for Staff Schedules.

The Staff Schedules Report contains the following options:

  • Periods - allows for a range of periods to display
  • Term to Print - allows for term selection
  • Which Table - allows for printing from the MST or SMS table
  • Print all Sections - prints all sections
  • Skip Inactive Sections - will not display inactivated sections
  • Skip TA Courses - will not display Teacher Aide courses
  • Print Room Numbers - displays the room number for classes 
  • Print Section Number - displays the section number for classes 
  • Print Total Students - displays enrollment count for classes 
  • Group by Department - allows for the staff to be listed by department
  • Group by Subject Area - allows for the staff to be listed by course subject area 

Once report options have been selected, click the Run Report button.

Below is an example of the Staff Schedules Report.   This example was run using the options displayed above and lists the staff in alphabetical order.

NOTE: This report is not available in flex schools. Refer to the Master Schedule or Scheduling Master Schedule Board Reports for similar information.