The Import Transactions to Financials page allows for uploading of an Excel (.xlsx) or CSV (.csv) file as a method of mass adding transactions for Aeries Financials. This can be used to mass add charges or mass add payments to many students.

This page is not accessible at the District level. Also, a school must be selected in the drop-down at the top of the page. This will be used to populate the FTD.SCL field for all records being uploaded.

A link to a template Excel file is included on the page itself. It includes the following fields which may be provided in the upload file:

  • Date
  • Student ID
  • Amount - The dollar amount of the transaction. Use only positive numbers.
  • Payment Type (from code table)
  • Transaction Type (either "Payment" or "Charge")
  • Code (from code table)
  • Description. If the description is entered on the upload page itself, it will be used for any records that have a blank description in the file.

To upload the file, click Select File and navigate to the file. After uploading the spreadsheet, an quick analysis of the file is done and displayed on the grid on the screen.

Items that are checked will be imported. Items that are not checked will not be imported.

Additionally, some validations are performed and noted in yellow. In the example above, the code BEE does not exist so that row is unchecked and will not be imported.

To proceed with the import, click Upload Transactions.