The Texas Assessment and Precode Extracts page allows for configuration, creation, and downloading of STAAR and TELPAS roster files. Three student pages contain records that will be extracted if existing:  Test Settings, Special Education, and Language Assessment. Code translations on the Texas State Reporting page will be honored for applicable records. Additionally, the Test Settings page allows for recording of student accommodations.


To configure or extract STAAR and TELPAS files, the State Reporting Admin permission is required.

The Test Settings page is used to record testing accommodations for students that will be included in the STAAR and TELPAS roster extracts. To see the Test Settings page, Read permissions to Test Settings (STS) are required. To fully use the Test Settings page, Read, Insert, Update, and Delete permissions to STS are required.

As roster extracts are created, they are saved in the Texas Assessment Precode Accommodations (PRE) table. Read permissions to PRE will be required to Query the PRE table.

Test Settings

Accommodations are recorded and displayed on each student's Test Settings page. The Test Settings page includes two horizontal tabs and three vertical tabs. The horizontal tabs are Active Test Settings and Test Settings List (all). Accommodations can be quickly entered on the Active Test Settings tab, which will only display currently active accommodations. Accommodations and their settings (including Start and End Dates) can be modified on the Test Settings List (all) tab, which displays all accommodations (including non-current). 

Active Test Settings

The Active Test Settings tab is displayed below:

The three vertical tabs (STAAR Grades 3-8, STAAR End-of-Course (EOC), and TELPAS) can each be expanded or closed with by clicking the chevronicon at the right. Once expanded, the tab displays current accommodations and other test information that will be included in extracts:

To add an accommodation, press the Change button:

Dropdowns and checkboxes will be provided for each accommodation.

Press the Save button to save the selections or press Cancel to cancel adding the selections. 

Once saved, the accommodations will appear on the Active Test Settings tab. Note that the Active Test Settings tab is also included as a tab on each Special Education page:

Test Settings List (all) Tab

On the Test Settings List (all) tab, press the edit iconand the accommodations and/or their Start Dates and End Dates can be edited. An accommodation can also be deleted using the trashcanicon.

An accommodation can be added on the Test Settings List(all) tab by pressing Add New Record.

Special Education Alternate Assessment Qualification

On a student's Special Education page, the Test Participation field should be used to record that the student can participate in an alternate assessment (STAAR Alternate 2 or TELPAS Alternate). For the TELPAS Alternate, a student must also be coded as LEP on the Demographics page. 


Two fields on the Language Assessment page will be extracted for students if existing:  Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE) and Years in US Schools. Both fields are reported in the TELPAS and TELPAS Alternate extracts.  

Texas Assessment Precode Extracts

Filter Pages by "precode" or navigate to School Info > Imports and Exports > Texas Assessment Precode Extracts (currently in BETA status). 

The Texas Assessment Precode Extracts page contains four tabs:  Schools, Courses, Create Extract, and Compare Run Data. At the bottom of the page, a list contains the created extracts.

On the Schools tab, select each school whose students should be included in the extract that will be created and click Save to save your selections:

The Default button will restore the default set of schools (any school not tagged as DNR for Do Not Report on School Options). The All/None buttons will check all/none of the schools, respectively. 

After schools have been selected, click Save at the bottom of the tab:

An informational message will be displayed at top right of the tab:

Click Next to continue.

The Courses tab contains two horizontal tabs:  Subject Areas/Departments and Courses. The Subject Areas/Departments tab is used to select corresponding groups of courses for the STAAR End-of-Course (EOC) subject test. After the groups of courses are selected, individual courses will be selected next. Subject Area and Department fields are tagged on the Courses page for each course. Subject Area is based on the Subject Area Code field CRS.S1 and Department is the Dept field CRS.DC. 

Select whether the lists should be displayed by Subject Area or Department (depending upon your school's practices) and then select the correct Subject Area or Department for each of the four subjects:  Math (Algebra I and II), English (I, II, and III), Biology, and US History. 


After selections have been made, click Save Subject Areas/Departments at the bottom of the tab.

An information message will appear at the top right of the tab:

Click Next to continue to the Courses tab:

The Courses tab will display all courses in the corresponding Subject Area or Department selected on the Subject Area/Departments tab. Check the checkbox by each course whose students should be included in the corresponding STAAR EOC extract:


Click Save Course Settings at the bottom of the tab to save the selections.

An information message will be displayed at the top right of the tab:

Click Next to continue to the Create Extract tab:

On the Create Extract tab, select the extract that should be created. 

If selected, Honor Reporting Home School will make students roster in their Reporting Home School (STU.HS on Demographics - Student Data 2) instead of the school where they are currently enrolled. 

After selecting the extract to create, click Create Precode File.

When the file has completed processing, it will appear in File Download list:

Click the download button  to download the csv file.

Click the Compare Run Data tab to run a comparison of existing Precode extract files (PRE table data) against student data in Aeries. This allows you to identify if any student demographic information has changed since the precode file was sent to the vendor so that it can be updated.

The Compare Run Data tab contains two horizontal tabs:

  • Texas Assessment Precode Comparison Filter - Make selections for the comparison
  • Texas Assessment Precode Comparison Results - View the comparison results. This heading is not displayed until there are comparison results to view.
  • Specify the comparison criteria:
    • (Required) Test Administration - Select the test administration (PRE.TID). The drop-down list includes test administrations that have been extracted and stored in PRE. The file must contain at least one student record.
    • (Required) Comparison Run - Select the date on which the extract file was created (PRE.RD).
    • Grade Level - Only grade levels stored in PRE that are associated with the selected test administration are listed. Select a grade level, or leave it set to the default to select all applicable grade levels.
    • Only Differences - Select to see only records where the PRE data is inconsistent with the data stored in Aeries. If not selected, all records are listed, and differing records are highlighted.

  • Click Run Comparison.

    The Texas Assessment Precode Comparison Results section appears and results are displayed.

    If you selected Only Differences, only students whose data has changed are listed. Otherwise, all students are listed and changed records are highlighted.

    • For each student listed, the top row displays the data in Aeries. The bottom row displays extracted data.
    • The row is highlighted if any data element differs between the two.
    • The differing element is highlighted.