From the Code Translations tab, certain fields in Aeries can have custom local codes and descriptions mapped to the required PEIMS codes.

Navigate to Imports and Exports > Texas State Reporting > Code Translations

For each submission, the applicable Code Sets should be reviewed and updated if needed.

  1. (Optional) Click Add Default Translations to automatically add any translations that are predefined in the program.

  2. Select the Code Set to be updated.

  3. (Optional - see warning) Click Add Local Codes to retrieve all codes that have been defined on Update Code Table (COD). The Aeries (left) column is populated with these codes.

    WARNING: If the TSDS/PEIMS Description (right column) is left blank, the code will be extracted as blank. It is recommended that you do not click Add Local Codes unless all COD values will be translated. Clicking Add Local Codes is optional and may not be needed if the district does not need to translate many codes. In this case, rows can be added individually as described in the next step.

  4. Click Add New Record
    • In the Aeries (left) column, select the local Code to be translated.
    • In the TSDS/PEIMS (right) column, select the TSDS/PEIMS Code that the selected local code should be translated to.

  5. Click the Save icon.

  6. To update an existing translation, click the Pencil icon.  Make changes, and then click the Save icon.
    Or, click the Cancel icon to revert to the original values.