If Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELOs) are provided at a school, the type, minutes per day, and category is recorded on the Expanded Learning Opportunities page. This data is reported to the state for all schools with ELO records. 

Filter Pages by "expanded" or navigate to School Info > Configurations > Expanded Learning Opportunities.


Read, Insert, Update, and/or Delete permissions to the ELO table are required for the functions on this page.

Click on the Add New Record button to add an ELO:

Choose the ELO Type from the dropdown. Add the Minutes Scheduled per Day for the ELO, per day (45-480 minutes are the acceptable reported values). Check the checkboxes for any applicable categories of offerings:  Rigorous Coursework, Mentoring, Tutoring, Physical Activity, Academic Support, or Educational Enrichment.

Save the record by pressing the Savebutton. The record will now be displayed next to an Editbutton.

One record is allowed for each of the ELO types:  

  • Non-Voluntary Extended School Day:  an extended school day
  • Non-Voluntary Extended School Year:  an extended school year
  • Voluntary Expanded Learning - Before School and After School:  structured learning programs outside of the regular school day (before- and after-school programs) 
  • Voluntary Expanded Learning - Summer:  structured learning programs outside of the regular school day, during the summer

If another record of the same type is saved, it will replace the original record.