This is a new report converted from the Client, replacing Textbook Letter to Parents with Asset Letter.  This report supports KEEP/SKIP, inactive students, printing for a single student, multiple students or all students, and printing for multiple languages. This report uses a  WYSIWYG editor for creating and editing letters. 

NOTE: Before running the new Asset Letter Report for the first time, the users need to visit the Asset Letter Text Editor page to populate the LTR table with the default text, and/or make edits to the letter, before running the Report 'Asset Letter'.

This letter will notify parents of any Assets still checked out to their students. The text preceding and following the list of Assets is fully customizable in the Asset Letter Text Editor using the WYSIWYG editor. A separate letter can be created for each language and the letter will automatically print according to the language designated in the STU.CL field . It will pull the Parents name from STU.PG and the address from STU.AD or STU.RAD if there is no separate mailing address. The 'Cost' is pulled from Replacement Cost (DRT.RC) on the District Resources and Assets page. 


The Asset Letter is available at the School level.




Report Options:

The Student window will automatically populate with all students, but will honor a KEEP/SKIP query or Student Groups. Checking the 'Show all Students' box will refresh the window to include inactive students.

When the Pre-Printed Letterhead option is unchecked, other address options become available

Creating and Editing Letters:

The Asset Letter Text Editor provides a default English letter if you do not have an existing letter. This can be customized. 

The text in brackets [ ] indicates data fields pulled from STU.  Additional fields from STU can be added by enclosing them in [ ].  In this example the Last Name [LN] and Grade [GR] were added.

To add a letter in another language, click Add, modify the name (this is the LetterID) and choose the Correspondence Language Association for this letter.  Then enter your translated text and click Save

NOTE: The name must start with 'Assets'.

Letters can be modified by choosing the LetterID and clicking 'Change'