Civil Rights Data Collection (CVR)Read

Mass Update

Allows users to view Civil Rights results for the school(s) they have access to

Allows users to update the Civil Rights options and process the Civil Rights reports (NOTE: this user must have District level access)

NOTE: The Civil Rights permissions need to be set up in the 2021-22 school year. Please see Security for more detailed information on how to set up permissions for users and groups.

Civil Rights Data Collection setup and results are stored in several tables:

CVR - Civil Rights Data - contains a record of the Civil Rights sections and each student that qualifies along with their demographic flags

CVT - Civil Rights Data Totals - contains the total counts for each Civil Rights section

DPT - District Options Table - contains the options selected for the Civil Rights Data Collection

The data in the following additional tables will be used while processing the Civil Rights report. We recommend that users or groups that have permission to process the Civil Rights report also have Read permission to the areas that these tables fall under to aid with verifying the results:

AHS - Attendance History Summary
ATT - Attendance

BER - Behavioral Emergency Report
CAR - Course Attendance Record
CRS - Courses
CSE - Special Education Data

DAY - Attendance Calendar
ENR - Enrollment History
FOF - 504 Plans
LAC - Language Assessment
MST - Master Schedule
PGM - Special Program Details
REQ - Graduation Requirements

RET - Retentions

STU - Student Data
TPS - Testing Pass Status

VIC - Victims

XRF - Cross Reference Information