The Daily Enrollment by Section report displays day-to-day trends in enrollment within a section. The report provides the number of students enrolled on each date, and the average enrolled by date. Sections printed can be limited by Course (MST.CN or CRS.CO), Subject Area (CRS.S1), Department Code (CRS.DC), or Special Program (MST.PR). 

Users (including teachers) will need Read permissions to CAR (Course Attendance) in order to run the Daily Enrollment by Section report. 

Filter Reports by "daily enrollment" or navigate to Reports > Attendance > Daily Enrollment By Section. Alternatively, this report is available from the View All Reports page in the Attendance category.

Choose a Start Date and End Date for the report.  

On the left, programs can be selected to be combined with Regular Program, or excluded from the report. 

Each program will print separately, if not combined with Regular Program or excluded from the report.

On the right, sections must be limited by Course ID, Subject Area, Department Code, or Special Program (MST.PR).

The list below the Limit By: dropdown will be updated depending upon the selection. Multiple selections can be made from the list. 

If no limiting selections are made, and Run Report is pressed, a message will be displayed to let you know that the report must be limited in some way:

Another message is always displayed, as a warning. Because of the complexity of the report and the amount of attendance data considered, the report may take up to 30 minutes to print:

The report can be sorted by Teacher or by the selected limiting option (Course ID, Subject Area, Department Code, or Special Program):

Once all selections have been made, click Run Report to print the report.