Session Description

In “Managing Scheduling Course Requests,” participants gain an in-depth understanding of primary methods for collecting student course requests. Through theoretical knowledge and practical examples, participants learn how to effectively manage and schedule course requests for middle and high school students. This course is ideal for educators, administrators, and school staff involved in student scheduling and course selection.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Receive explanation of various techniques for collecting student course requests, including importing from the Academic Plan, mass adding and changing, and manual entry 

  • Understand processes for modifying student course requests, including utilizing alternate course requests, entering teacher preferences, scheduling exclusions, and applying period ranges 

  • Recognize the importance of generating and utilizing reports related to student course requests 

  • Acquire an understanding of key features and benefits of Flex Scheduling in enhancing course scheduling efficiency 

  • Comprehend the concepts and principles of managing scheduling course requests 

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