At schools that allow entry of Course Requests using the Student or Parent Portal, the Course Requests Entry page can be accessed from the Classes dropdown.

A Parent/Student Portal Course Request Entry page is displayed below. On the right, the courses within the Course Request (CRQ) table (by grade level) can be displayed using the filter. The CRQ table must be populated and set up for parents and students to view the courses here; see the Update Course Request Options documentation for more information. The student's existing course requests, if any, will display on the left side in the Course Requests area of the page, ordered by Subject Area

Click the Question Mark icon next to each course to display Course information. Click the Red X to close the popup.

To remove a course request, click the Red X next to each course. Click OK in the pop-up.  

Note:  the delete option next to a course request will be displayed only if the course is not locked or scheduled as a section. 

The Filter Courses area can be used to filter for a specific course Name or a specific Subject Area.  Enter the name, partial name or course number into the Name or Nbr field or select a Subject Area from the dropdown.  Press the Enter key or click the Search button to search. To clear the filter, click the Remove Filter hyperlink.  In the example below, the filter for English in the Subject Area produced the following available results:

To request a course, locate the course from the Filter Courses menu.  Click the Course hyperlink and click OK in the pop-up.  See display below.

If more information is needed on the Course, click the Information Icon to view details. 

On the pop-up, click Request to select the course request or click the red X to close the popup. 

Once a course has been requested, it will display on the left side of the Course Request Entry page in the Course Requests area.  In the example below, the Subject Area of Visual/Perform Arts is filtered to display only the courses with Subject Area of Visual/Perform Arts for the student's grade level. Adv Band is requested.

After the course is requested, it will be displayed under Primary Request in the appropriate Subject Area.  For example, Adv Band now displays within the Visual/Perform Arts Subject Area.

If the option Allow Parents/Students to edit Alternate Course Reqs was selected on the Portal Options Scheduling tab, Parents or Students can add Alternate Requests. The page will display an Add Alternate option next to the Primary Requests.  When the Add Alternate option is selected, the selected course will be highlighted. 

In the Filter Courses Adding Alternate Course area, search for an alternate course and click on it to add an alternate course request.  

A popup window will ask for confirmation. Click OK to confirm the alternate course request or Cancel to abandon the addition.

The alternate course request will be displayed in italics.