The following tables and fields are used to store College Entrance Requirements and High School Graduation Status information. These values are used throughout Aeries, and specifically used by the Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard to determine if the Student is on track or not.

These totals are automatically refreshed when viewing the Graduation Status page for a Student, or are updated using the Calculate Graduation Status or Calculate College Entrance Requirements buttons on the Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard . These functions update all Students. 

Data is stored in the CER and HSG tables. Some information is also stored in STU fields. 

College Entrance Requirements (CER)

  • CER.SA - UC/CSU A-G Subject Area. The total row will have "TOTAL" in this column.
  • CER.UR - UC Credits Required
  • CER.UCC - UC Credits Completed
  • CER.UC - UC Credits Currently Enrolled
  • CER.UP - UC Credits Planned from Academic Plan
  • CER.UN - UC Credits Needed
  • CER.CR - CSU Credits Required
  • CER.CCC - CSU Credits Completed
  • CER.CC - CSU Credits Currently Enrolled
  • CER.CP - CSU Credits Planned from Academic Plan
  • CER.CN - CSU Credits Needed

Related College Entrance Requirements STU Fields:

NOTE: STU.CCO is NOT used when determining students 'on-track' status on the Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard.

High School Graduation Status (HSG)

  • HSG.GRT - Grad Track
  • HSG.CD - Subject Area. The total row will have "TOTAL" in this column.
  • HSG.RQ - Credits Required
  • HSG.CM - Credits Completed
  • HSG.CU - Credits Currently Enrolled
  • HSG.PL - Credits Planned from Academic Plan
  • HSG.CUN - Credits Needed
  • HSG.PLN - Planned Credits Needed.