This error occurs because an EL, RFEP, or IFEP student record was reported with a Primary Language Code equal to English (00) or Sign Language (37).  Language Fluency is reported in the STU.LF field or the Language Assessment (LAC) table.


The data entry on the student's Home Language (STU.LF) needs to be verified and updated using the Home Language Survey.  If the student has a Language Assessment record (LAC), verify and update the data on the record with the correct information. The Home Language cannot be 00 or 37 if the student is reported as EL, RFEP or IFEP. Verify the English Language Acquisition Status Code is correctly populated in the CALPADS ODS for SINF records with Primary Language Code values of English (00) or Sign Language (37).

NOTE: Resolve CERT errors until the enrollment updates (SENR, SINF, SELA and SPRG) files have been posted with few to no errors. Most CERT errors are caused by file extracts that have not yet been posted error-free or from data that has not been correctly populated in Aeries.