If Education Service Code = 1 then Language of Instruction Code must not equal 00 (English), 37 (Sign Language), eng (English), or sgn (Sign Languages). 

Starting July 1, 2023, the new 3 character language codes must be used. The MST.LI codes are automatically translated in Aeries from the 2 character code to the 3 character language code and are based on the Languages (STU.LH) code set.


Verify the correct value is populated in the Language of Instruction Code in the CRSE submission. 

Verify the language is in the Languages code set and is translated to an appropriate 3 character code. If the code does not exist in the code translations, check to see that the code is added to the Code Table under STU.HL, then add the code translation under CALPADS > Code Translations >Code Set > Languages (STU.HL).