No course section data was submitted for a student with Enrollment Status of Secondary or Short Term.


Post an error-free, complete SENR file to CALPADS. Confirm that all Primary, Secondary, and Short Term Enrollments are being reported.

Assess the student's enrollment and Enrollment Status on Census Day. If the student 's enrollment and status are incorrect, correct the enrollment in CALPADS. If the student's enrollment and status are correct, determine if course section records were submitted for the student with an incorrect SSID. 

If no course section records were submitted for this students, submit Student Course Section record(s) for the SSID. 

NOTE:  Resolve CERT errors after the enrollment updates (SENR, SINF, SELA and SPRG) and Fall 2 submission (SDEM, SASS, CRSE and SCSE) files have been posted with few to no errors.  Most CERT errors are caused by file extracts that have not yet been posted error-free or from data that has not been correctly populated in Aeries.