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Aeries Online Enrollment allows a Parent to quickly start the process of enrolling a Student for School. Information about the Student such as emergency contacts, medical and language information is collected. Upon completion, the Student's information is available to be imported into the School.

Account Creation

Welcome to aeries online enrollment screen

To begin the process, select a language then click on the Enroll a New Student button. 

Language selection options

The Year Selection screen displays.  Select the year to enroll for then click on Next.


Select an enrollment year

After making a year selection, the Required Information screen displays.  The Parent can print out this screen for Required Information details. After reviewing the information click on Next.


Required information for enrollment

The next screen allows the Parent to create a new account and requires a Name, an email address and password.  After the Create Account button is clicked, the next screen shows the Terms of Service. The Parent must agree to these before continuing.


Login screen for existing users or to create a new account

The Forgot Password link under the Existing User area can be used to Reset an account password.

Forgotten password link

After the terms are read, the “I agree” box must be selected in order for the enrollment process to continue.


The I agree checkbox for the terms of service

If the “I agree” box is not checked and the Next button is clicked, the following message displays. 

warning message if parent does not check I agree

On the top right of the enrollment pages a user menu can be accessed by clicking on the drop down next to the logged in account name. This menu provides different options. 

User account menu with different options

My Account - Takes the User to their account page which lists pending and completed enrollment information.

Change Email - Change the email address associated with their account.

Change Password - Change the account password

Logout - Logout of their current session. When the user logs back in, their enrollment resumes at the last Step they completed.

Select Language - Allows the user to select any language available to complete the enrollment process in. Language selection can be changed during the enrollment process. 

On the Student’s Name page, the Student’s First Name, Last Name, Birthdate and Grade are required.


After the Student birthdate is entered, the user sees the Students calculated age. The age is calculated as of the start of the academic year.

If a Minimum/Maximum age was set for the enrollment process in the Admin settings and an age is calculated that is outside of that minimum/maximum range the following message displays. In the below example, a minimum age of 4 was set on the Admin side which will not allow age 3 and younger to enroll.

For California users, when the Admin option Enforce TK Birth Dates is enabled, users will be prevented from enrolling students in Transitional Kindergarten if their birth date does not fall within CDE's eligibility guidelines. See below for the list of eligibility dates:

  • In 2022–23, children are eligible for TK if they turn 5 years old between September 2 and February 2*,
  • In 2023–24, children are eligible for TK if they turn 5 between September 2 and April 2*,
  • In 2024–25, children are eligible for TK if they turn 5 between September 2 and June 2*,
  • In 2025–26, LEAs are required to make TK available to all children who will have their fourth birthday by September 1* of the school year.  *Inclusive of these dates

In the below example, the parent is pre-enrolling for the 2023-24 school year and entered the student birthdate of 9/1/2018. The grade level estimated that the student should be enrolled in grade Kindergarten and the dropdown was automatically set to Kindergarten. The parent then changes the dropdown to Transitional Kindergarten. The red message displays when the Next button is clicked, "Please enter a valid age in order to continue." and the parent cannot proceed.

After the information has been completed on the page, click Next.

On the Student Address page, the Street Address, City and Zip Code are required.

 Student address information

If the Use the Street Table option has been setup through the Admin Settings a drop down list displays with the closest address or Street name that can be located in the file. If a street can not be found in the Street table the following message displays. Click the Previous button to go back and correct the address. The enrollment process does not continue until a valid address is entered that matches an address in the Street table.

warning message - unable to find the address in the street table

At the bottom of the Student Address page, there is a Use residence address above as mailing address question. If answered Yes, the entered residence address is used for the Student’s mailing address. If the No, use a different address for mail is selected, additional fields display to enter information for the Mailing address for the Student.

 Mailing address fields


The District can also setup an option to Select a preferred school.  If this option is enabled the Parent can select a preferred school of choice. This option can be used whether the district chooses to use the Street Validation option. 

 Preferred school selection

After clicking Next, the Account Created notification displays and an email is sent to the Parent’s email address.


account created notification

 The email contains a link  for Account Authorization.


account activation link

 After the email link is clicked on, the following message displays.  Click Next to continue with the enrollment process.


new account email verification message

 The Parent can then sign back in at a later time with their email address and password by using the Login button 


login button

After login, the User sees the  My Account page which has Pending and Completed Enrollment information. The Resume button next to Pending Enrollments can be selected and that enrollment can then be resumed and completed.


My account page showing pending and completed enrollments

During the enrollment process, the page name at the top displays a drop down arrow. 

drop down menu indicator

Clicking on one the arrow displays all of the pages available in the enrollment process. If a page as a green checkmark next to it, that page has been completed in the process. Clicking on a page in the list with a green checkmark brings the user back to that page.

A page highlighted in blue with a blue circle next to it is a page that currently has not been completed. Pages shaded in gray are pages a user cannot access until the previous page with the blue circle has been completed. If a user clicks on one of the gray shaded page names in the list a message displays to "Please complete the previous step" before they can move forward in the process. 

General Student Information

The General Student Information page asks for information such as the Student gender, contact numbers, and race/ethnicity information, if required by the Admin Settings. This information imports into the Student Demographic and Language pages in Aeries.

general student information

Language Information  

The Language Information page collects responses to the Home Language Survey for State mandated reporting. 

Home language survey

Parent Information  

The Parent Information page has the option to add information for two Parent/Guardians. This page requires that information be filled in for at least one Parent/Guardian before the Parent can proceed with the enrollment process. 

Based on the Questions & Codes options that are set up on the Admin side, some fields may or may not display such as the highest education level or email address. See Aeries Online Enrollment Admin Settings - Questions and Codes for more information.

Parent/guardian Information

Certain information like phone numbers is required. If this information is left blank and the Parent clicks Next, a message displays alerting them that the information is required. They cannot continue until the information is provided.


Out of State Contact Information

This page can be used to add information regarding Out of State Contacts for the Student, for example, divorced Parents who move away.

Note: This page can be selected to “Skip” from displaying to the Parent on the Admin > Basic settings tab.

Out of State contact information

Restrained Individual

Restrained individual yes no options


If a restrained Individual needs to be noted for an enrollment record, the Parent should select the Yes, an individual is restrained by court decree option. If this option is selected, additional fields display on the page to add information about the restrained individual.


Restrained individual informaion

Local Physician Information

The Local Physician Information page is an optional page to show during the enrollment process. The system defaults this page to display. On the Admin > Basic Settings tab there are 3 display choices for this page:

Skip - Do not display the page during the enrollment process

Show (Optional) - Display the page during the enrollment process but not require it to be completed

Show (Required) - Display the page during the enrollment process and require that it be completed during the process

Local physician information

Emergency Contacts  ↑

The Emergency Contacts page has the option to add up to four Emergency Contacts. This page requires that information is filled in for at least one emergency contact before the Parent can proceed with the enrollment process.


Emergency contact information

The Emergency Contact page has a question “Do you want this contact to have portal access?” Next to the question is a Help icon. The Help icon, when hovered over, can display Help text with an explanation of what the question refers to. This Help hover text first needs to be set up on the Admin > Custom Text tab.


Emergency contact portal access hover text

Health Survey

The Health Survey page can be used to list any medical conditions. Comments can also be added.

Note: This page can be selected to “Skip” from displaying to the Parent on the Admin > Basic Settings tab.

Students Health information

Immunization Information

The Immunization Information page can be used to list Immunization information and dates given.

Note: This page can be selected to “Skip” from displaying to the Parent on the Admin > Basic Settings tab.

 Immunization information

Other District Enrollments  

NOTE: The questions that appear on this page depend on the options the District has chosen.

The Other District Enrollments page allows the Parent to add any information regarding the Student’s previous school enrollments. The Other District Enrollment page first asks “Was this Student born in the United States?” If a Yes response is selected, the Parent is prompted to enter the date the Student entered the United States. It can be decided by the district if this question should be asked during their enrollment process by selecting Yes or No on the Ask for US Enter Date setting in the Admin > Basic Settings tab.


A second question then displays: “Has this Student previously attended a school in the United States?” and date input fields appear. If Yes is selected for this second question, a third question displays.

The third questions asks “Has this Student previously attended a school in California?” If this question is answered with the Yes option, another question of "What date did the Student first enroll into any California school?" displays.

A fourth question of  “Has this Student previously attended a school in this school district?” is asked. If this question is answered with a Yes response, date input fields display. They are also asked “What was the most recent date this Student attended this district?” A drop down list of school names shows for the Parent to select from.

Other district enrollment questions

previous school information


When the Documents page is enabled by a district, the Parent can view and download documents pertaining to enrollment. The following is an example of the Documents page the Parent may see during the enrollment process.


required student document


Any required documents must be viewed by the Parent before they can continue.


Warning message to view required documents


If Authorization questions are enabled for the Parent to view, they are required to answer each Authorization question.


Authorization questions

Document Uploads

When the Document Uploads page is enabled, the Parent is presented with a list of documents to upload.  They may upload multiple documents per item.  If a Document is marked as Required they must upload at least one document.  These documents are then imported into the Student Documents table when the Student is imported into the School.  The file size is currently limited to only 4 MB at this time.

Note: if the file uploaded is a HEIC or HEIF file (default iPhone picture format) it is automatically converted to .jpg format

Document Uploads page

The Parent Selects the documents they want to upload and they upload automatically. They can remove a document by clicking on the 'X' to the right of the document.

Document upload control

After completing the Enrollment Process, but before submitting the enrollment, the Parent can review the documents uploaded by clicking on the link.

Link on the confirmation page to view uploaded documents

If a Parent has previously enrolled a Student and submitted documents, and the Parent chooses to use information from a previous enrollment when enrolling a new Student, the documents submitted for the previous enrollment are available to add to this enrollment, or the Parent can upload new documents for this Student.

Supplemental Questions

If Supplemental Questions are enabled for the Parent to view, they are required to answer each Supplemental question.

Supplemental questions

Residence/Foster/Military Survey

The Residence/Foster/Military Surveys uses the descriptions from Portal Options to display the descriptions for each option. These are located on the Portal Options page > Parent Data Changing tab > Family Information tab. 

More information on setting up options can be found in the following document: Parent Data Confirmation Setup

When the Parent makes a choice on any of the surveys, a new PRS record is automatically created in the Registration Database. These records will then display on the Programs tab in Aeries Web during the Import process performed by school staff. After importing a student, the PRS survey record is added to the Special Programs page (PGM)If the Parent chooses a response of 'No", "None of the Above", or "Decline to Answer" to any of the surveys, then a program record is not created.

Residency Survey

New Residence Survey questions are available for districts using the November 2021 CDE Guidelines. When a district converts a single school's Portal Options, the Online Enrollment questions will immediately be available. More information can be found in the following document: Portal Options - Residence Survey Changes for the CDE 2021 Housing Questionnaire

In addition to the updated Housing Status options, new questions include Unaccompanied Youth (PRS.UY), and Additional Children Information (PRD).

Parents can choose one of the options to state their Housing Status including Permanent Single-Home

NOTE: As of the 6/15/2023 update, the Decline to Answer option was removed from the Housing Questionnaire based on California Department of Education feedback.

Official verbiage describing children's rights, from the California Department of Education's housing questionnaire, will always display. The Homeless Liaison contact information can be updated on the Portal Options page of any school. The information will display district wide for the Housing Questionnaire during either the Parent Data Confirmation process or the Online Enrollment process.  

When one of the Homeless options are selected, additional sections display:

  • Unaccompanied Youth - Selecting this option will store the value in the PRS.UY field and allow the Special Programs record to update the Unaccompanied Youth (PGM.UY) field during the student import process.
  • Additional Children - Parent's can manually enter additional children that live in the same household whether they are of school age.  The data is stored in the Parent Response Details (PRD) table. At this time, the data is not collected by the CDE. Further updates will be made on ways to display the data outside of the Online Enrollment database.

Parents can choose one of the options to state their Housing Status. If a parent chooses None of the Above, the parent will move on to the next step and Aeries will not create a program record when the student record is imported from Online Enrollment to the appropriate school.

Residence Survey in TX

Foster Survey

Options are presented if the district enables the Foster survey.

Foster survey in CA

Foster survey in TX

Military Survey

Options are presented if the district enables the Military survey.

Military survey in CA

Military survey in TX


After all information has been entered, the following page displays for the Parent to review. Any information that displays an Edit icon can be edited before clicking on the Finish and Submit button.

 Final confirmation page

When the Enrollment is completed the data is submitted by clicking on the Finish and Submit button. After clicking on the button an email is sent to the School to notify that a new enrollment is ready to be reviewed. The Print button prints out a copy of the enrollment information for the Parent.


Print button to print the confirmation page

Signature areas are available to print for the Parent/Guardian Signature and a Date. The Account Name and Date Completed will also display and print indicating the name and email address of the person who enrolled the student along with the date the record was confirmed.