Session Description

In “Scheduling Master Schedule Board” this course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the SMS Board's features and functionalities. This will include moving sections to try “What if?” scenarios, scheduling students, looking at courses with rejected students, and using the Interactive SMS Builder to build the Scheduling Master Schedule.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Identify the various features of the SMS Board, including moving sections to explore "What if?" scenarios, scheduling students, and examining courses with rejected students 

  • Describe the process of using the Interactive SMS Builder to construct the Scheduling Master Schedule 

  • Discuss the functionalities of the SMS Board, including adding classes and multiple sections using the SMS Builder, managing sections, scheduling students, reviewing scheduling results, and generating reports 

  • Summarize the key components of the Scheduling Master Schedule Board 

  • Recognize and apply effective strategies to manage and optimize scheduling processes 

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