Session Description

In the “Master Schedule Building Theory” session, participants delve into the theory and principles behind creating a comprehensive master schedule. Through examination of the sequence of steps involved in placing sections within the schedule, participants will gain a deep understanding of the process. In addition, participants receive valuable insight into utilizing the Interactive Scheduling Master Schedule Builder, which is covered in session #330.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Comprehend the key components and information necessary for analyzing a master schedule prior to student scheduling to ensure an effective master schedule  

  • Receive information regarding the considerations involved in building a student-centered master schedule, including factors such as student needs, course availability, and staff resources 

  • Understand the theory and effective order of placing sections within a master schedule to optimize scheduling results for students and staff 

  • Understand how to utilize the Interactive Scheduling Master Schedule Builder to enhance scheduling processes, by applying the knowledge and skills gained within this session 

  • Learn the sequence of steps involved in the scheduling process, including inputting data, assigning sections, and resolving conflicts 

Related Documentation

PDF documentation for this session is attached.