This Update Course Request Options link will give assistance in setting up the correct Courses available to each grade level of Students.

This is an example of the Update Course Request Options page.  Note that only the selected courses in the list will be available to the students.

This link for Portal Options will open a PDF to give guidance to setting up the Scheduling tab with the information necessary to allow the students to input Course Requests.

This is an example of the Portal Options – Scheduling Tab.  Be sure to set the appropriate date ranges for each grade level making the requests (keep in mind to set for Next Year’s Grade Level when set to Scheduling for Next Year.)

Confirm that the appropriate Security Permissions to the Portal Group Students (If this is for Parents, please use that Portal Group)

Below are the minimum requirements to input Course Requests and add Alternate Requests

This view is of the Student Course Request Page from the Office Staff perspective

Please note that some of the records include Section Numbers

Those Course requests in the previous view that are not set to a section are the only records available to delete in the Student View.  As well, only these Course Requests will allow an Alternate request to be added.

Consider viewing or sharing this video to show how On-Line course requests work from the Student/Parent Portal View