Using the Dashboard  


Used in conjunction with the Individualized Academic Plan, the Graduation/College Readiness Dashboard is a page that displays in visual form the High School Graduation Status of multiple areas for all Students at the current school.

This page includes a Graduation Status Summary tab and a Graduation Status Summary by Subject Area tab to view 

Included at the top of the page are buttons to calculate the various types of Graduation Status. This displays up-to-date data on this dashboard. The same data is available in Query. 

These Calculate functions should be run before analyzing data on the dashboard.

Graduation College Readiness dashboard


College Entrance Requirements (CER)ReadView Page
High School Graduation Requirements (HSG)Read
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Use the Calculate Graduation Status and College Entrance Requirements buttons
Student Graduation Endorsements (GES) - If using EndorsementsRead
View Page
Use the Calculate Add-on Graduation Status button

Using the Dashboard  

The dashboard includes charts showing the percentage of Students "On Track" for each grade level, for the currently filtered counselor. This chart is broken down by Graduation Requirements, Endorsement/Add-On Graduation Requirements, or any other status available. "On Track" is defined as a Student who would be eligible for Graduation considering all completed eligible credits, current courses, and planned courses with the assumption that the Student passes the current and future courses. Courses in the Academic Plan, currently scheduled classes, as well as transcript data, are all used to determine the On Track status of each student.

NOTE: STU.CCO is NOT used when determining students 'on-track' status. 

Use the 'Calculate' buttons to update the data.

Calculate Graduation Status buttons-California

A message will display to indicate the process is running. The user will receive an email when the process completes.

Use the Filter by Counselor to select a specific Counselor's Students

Graduation Status Summary-California

Clicking on a number in the Graduation Status Summary displays a list of Students with that criteria, and a Keep Students button is displayed to easily run a KEEP/SKIP query to filter those students.

Student list generated by clicking on a number in the Status summary widget

The Graduation Status Summary by Subject Area tab displays the charts broken down by Graduation Subject Area. This allows the Counselor to drill down to specific grade levels or subject areas to determine which Students may not be meeting specific areas.