The Update Academic Plan Course Options page is used to make available courses that Parents and Students can select for their Academic Plan in the Portal.  When the page loads, it will show all the available active Courses, Course information and total Students currently enrolled in that Course based on the Master Schedule. This information will help administrators decide which Courses will be made available to the Portal by placing a checkmark in the 'Allow' box.

Note: In districts with more than 1000 active courses users will be prompted to apply filters to display up to 1000 courses at a time.

Clicking the button 'Update Course totals based on MST' will update the Student totals.

Clicking the button 'Tag Courses Based on MST Numbers' will tag all currently displayed Courses that have at lease 1 student enrolled, and un-tag courses with 0 students enrolled. 

Users can select to display 'All Courses', 'Untagged' or 'Tagged' courses

At the bottom of the window there is a message showing the total number of Courses and how many are tagged for Portal.

Users may tag or un-tag courses as desired to display to parents and students.

If a Course is subsequently inactivated, it will automatically drop off of the list.  In addition, any Course Requests for that Course in the CRQ table will be DEL-tagged. Conversely, any Course Requests that are not in the CRQ table for an active Course will be inserted when this page is visited.  These deletions and insertions will be recorded in LOG.  However, these will not remove Course Requests from SSS and will continue to be in the Students' Course Request page.

Here's a LOG example of CN 0873 being inactivated.

And this is the LOG after CRQ records being added when the page is visited.

The header row can be used to filter based on various criteria.