The Readmit Slip and Off Campus Pass are attendance reports that can print from a receipt printer that is 2.75 inches wide or can also be printed on a laser printer.

The Readmit program will locate the last date the student has an attendance record entered. A date range will display and default to this date. This attendance record will print along with specific student information.

The Off Campus Pass can print notes entered from the Attendance Notes form indicating the student has permission to be off campus.

A Time to Leave and Approval field can display on the Attendance Note form for specific codes. In order for these fields to display the Attendance Notes codes (ATN.CD) must be set up with a 1.00 entered into the Amount field from Update Code Table form.

For information on utilizing the Readmint Slip and Off Campus Pass see:                                                     Print Readmit Slip      Print Off Campus Pass


The following are examples of the Readmit Slip and Off Campus Pass printed on a receipt printer.