Another step in the configuration process is to indicate the Student Program (STU.SP) code(s) to mark a student as exempt. The Student Absence Summary Data Collection Exemption Indicator is an indicator of whether or not the student is exempt from the CALPADS absence summary data collection because attendance is not collected for that student. These students will extract in the STAS file with the “Student Absence Summary Data Collection Exemption Indicator” CALPADS field 13.13, populated with a Y.

The following list are scenarios in which a student may be exempt from the student absence summary data collection:

  • The student receives instruction through a home or hospital instructional setting as authorized by Education Code section 48206.3-48208.
  • The student has a primary enrollment in your school/district but is attending community college full-time.
  • The student is enrolled in your school/district for a single day for purposes of reporting a summer graduate.

On the CALPADS Extracts, Other Options tab, a new area has been added to tag students as exempt in the STAS file. Select the code(s) that are used for the exempt students. The codes displayed are from the Student Program (STU.SP) code set. 

Selected codes need to be consistent between all schools. Select the appropriate code(s) and click on the Save button.

Note:  Use the exempt indicator if the student should be exempt for a majority of the school year. If a student is exempt for less than a majority of the school year, report attendance summary data for the days the student was not enrolled in the exempt program.

Below is a sample STAS record for an exempt student:


CALPADS field 13.13 - Student Absence Summary Data Collection Exemption Indicator, will be populated with a Y.