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Note: For the Flex Scheduling version of this document click here: Flex Scheduling - Course Attendance (CAR)

Each student's entire schedule of sections for the year, along with the Start and Stop Dates for each section, is displayed on the Course Attendance (CAR) page. When Attendance (ATT) and Course Attendance (CAR) are initialized, Course Attendance (CAR) Start and Stop Dates are pre-populated for the entire year for all sections in a student’s schedule. When a student's schedule is changed, the changes are added to the student's Course Attendance record.

Note: The "Days" header will now display as "Class Cal" due to the page potentially displaying courses from different schools who may use a different scheduling type, such as Flex Scheduling. 

In the example below, the student is scheduled for sections in Terms F, S, and Y. All sections are displayed with Start and Stop Dates for the entire year. 

Changes made to a student’s schedule are updated in Course Attendance (CAR) immediately, based on the End Date or Start Date on Classes

To display classes for a particular date, type in the date or use the calendar dropdown to pick a date and click Refresh

Add a Course Attendance Record

Adding Course Attendance Records is useful in cases where back-filling missing section data after the student is enrolled, where CAR records were deleted through user error, or when CAR records are accidentally deleted while dropping a student on the Demographics page.


Adding one or more combinations of the following security roles to Users or Groups will give a user the ability to add/edit/delete CAR records.

  • Read - View Only
  • Insert - Add Records
  • Update - Change Records
  • Delete - Delete Records (Requires Update permission)

In the example below, a Civics class taken in the Fall during Period 3 was accidentally deleted and we need to add it again.

Click on the Add New Record button to display the section picker.

The section, if known ahead of time, can be entered in the search box and it will display in the drop-down. Other search methods include searching by Section Number, Course Number, Course Title, Teacher Name, or Staff ID. 

Click on the desired section and enter the Start Date and Stop Date. Click on the Save icon when ready.

The school Calendar is used to check for valid school days and a yellow message will display for any potential date issues.

Once the correct date is entered, the CAR record is saved.

The Print button displays the Print Student Class Schedule Changes Report Options form:

The student's Course Attendance can be printed by Term and/or beginning with a selected date. Additionally, you can choose to print the student's current class schedule and/or limit to only sections at the current school.

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