The following information will provide specific details about each section of the CBEDS-ORA Export Files page.

  • Options  - a message displays at the top of the page:

  • Schools to Export - This section will allow you to select which schools are to be included in the CBEDS ORA  extracts. All and None buttons are available.  The Default button will default to active schools.  Any school tagged as Inactive (LOC.TG), tagged as DNR (LOC.DNR), or any Summer Schools (LOC.U) will default as not selected.

    To select or de-select any school click the check box next to the School number and name.  Click on the Save button to save the school selection.

  • Sections - sections can be selected de-selected to be included in the file
    • CDIF A - Full Time Equivalents of Classified Staff (District)
    • SIF A - Full Time Equivalents of Classified Staff (School)
    • SIF D - Educational Calendar
  • Information Day – will default to the current year Information Day date.
  • Generate CBEDS-ORA File button - will create the file based on the school selection and section selection.

  • Requirements - information on the version date, sections not included and where the data is pulled from.  Links to the Staff and School Information pages are also available.

  • File Download - This section displays the files created.  The file information displays including the file Type, Export name, Batch # and information when the file was created.

A Submit check box is available to indicate files that have been submitted to CBEDS ORA.  This check box is informational only.  

The file reference is stored in the FLI - File Location Information table and the physical file is stored on the reporting engine.