The information used to generate the SIF aggregates comes from different fields.  The following is a list of the fields processed and how they are used.

Educational Calendar

The Calendar (DAY table) is used to determine the school’s start and end dates.

School Calendar Type needs to be populated on the School Information page in the Calendar Type field.  The School Information page is under School Info in the navigation.
Note:  Each school needs to have the Calendar Type populated.

School Information page:

Classified Staff

Primary School needs to be identified for each Staff record so the system knows which school to count this employee in.

Every Staff member needs a unique District Staff ID Number.

Hire Date is needed to determine who was employed on CBEDS day.

Leave Date should be populated for all employees who are no longer working for the district.

Employment Status Tag should be populated for all employees who stopped working prior to CBEDS day.

Sex of the Staff member is important for SIF aggregates.

ETH & RC1-5 
Staff Ethnicity Flag and Race Code are necessary for various aggregates. If ETH and RC1 are not populated, then the Staff will be extracted as "Two or More Races."

Staff Assignments - % Time for Each Staff Assignment needs to be populated for all Classified Assignments to determine full time or part time status. Only records with a value greater than zero will be counted by the system. Anything greater than 96 will be considered full time and any value over 106 will be considered “Over 100”.

Staff Assignments Job Classification needs to be populated for every Classified Assignment. The following are the codes used for the various SIF aggregates:
• Paraprofessional – 23, 42, 52
• Office/Clerical – 19, 44, 53, 58
• Other – 24, 43, 45, 54, 55, 57, 59

Staff Assignment tab: