Adding a course title similar to a course taught at your school

Use the school's course number and add the exact course title from the school where the course was taken in the Special Crs Title field. This will assure the grad status check will be accurate since the Courses (CRS) screen contains all of the data that the grad status calculation requires.  Also, GPA calculations, UC and CSU, CSF eligibility Vocational Subject, Core/Proficiency, CBEDS are tagged for that course.

Locate a course title using CRS Search 

In Aeries use the Search icon on the CRS ID field to find the appropriate course.

Adding a course title that is not taught at your school

Additional course numbers can be set up as Transfer Courses in Courses (CRS) screen.  This method should be considered when entering a transfer student who has taken a course that your school does not teach.  For example, a course can be set up as Transfer Foreign Language and the appropriate data for grad status can be entered.  GPA calculations, UC and CSU, CSF eligibility, Vocational Subject, Core/Proficiency and CBEDS should be entered for that transfer class if appropriate.

Use a Course ID that is not already being used. After the new transfer course ID has been entered on the student's transcript form, you may leave it as Transfer Foreign Language or change it in the Special Crs Title field to the actual title such as Korean.

When the transcript is printed, the value in the Special Crs Title will appear on the transcript.