The Mass Add Records page can be used to quickly add a entire term's worth of courses and grades to a student's transcript. 

Click on the Mass Add Records button. Use the Course Search box to search for courses to add to a student’s transcript. Click on the Add button next to the course to display it on the right side of the form. Continue searching for courses and adding them to the right side of the form until you have listed all of the courses that you wish to add for a particular School, Year, Term and Grade.

At the top of the form select the School, Year, Term and Student Grade to mass add the transcript records for.  Next enter the Mark and any other information for the listed courses.

To add the new records to the transcript click on one of the Save buttons.

The Save and Clear Courses button will allow you to save the information entered for the student and also clear the list of courses. A new set of courses can then be added for the student if desired.

The Save and Clear Marks button will save the currently entered information for the student but will only clear the marks and leave the courses listed in case a separate set of marks need to be added for the next term for that student and those courses.

When finished, click on the Close button to exit the Mass Add Records form. The newly added transcript records will now display for the student.