Navigate to Grade Reporting > Configurations > Transcript Definition.

The Transcript Definition form must be reviewed prior to printing to ensure the correct information has been selected for printing transcripts.

Additional Transcript Definitions can also be set up for specific purposes, such as Colleges requesting specific test scores. For more information on the Transcript Definition form see the Transcript Definition Form article. 

Transcripts can be printed for an individual student from the student’s Transcripts page. Select the type of transcript to be printed from the dropdown. Click on the Print icon at the top of the Transcript page or the Print button to the left of the transcript type.

Student Transcripts Report  

Transcripts can also be generated through the Student Transcripts report for one or many students.

NOTE:  Prior to generating transcripts for students it is suggested that the options are selected and transcripts are printed and reviewed.

Example Report  

After all selections are complete click on the Run Report button. The following is an example of a plain paper transcript.

For more detailed information about printing transcripts please see the Printing Transcripts article.