Print a Transcript for One Student

Print Many Student Transcripts

Print Transcripts to Colleges

Set Up College Information

The Transcript page is found in Student Data | Grades in the navigation menu. Select the student to print the transcript for. Click the Print icon in the upper right corner of the page or the Print button below the GPA summary to print the student’s transcript. The Report Viewer will allow you to Download or View the transcript.

To select a particular Transcript Definition to be printed click on the TDF drop down and select the transcript definition.  For example, above COL is selected for College transcripts.

Transcripts can be printed after transcript definitions have been set up in the Transcript Definitions formThe Print Student Transcript page can be found under View All Reports.

The Print Student Transcript options default to Print Parent Address and will print the parent’s address in the left hand corner.  To print to a group of students select a grade level from the Print For option. 

All of the transcript definitions previously set up will display in the Transcript Definition drop down.  Click on the Transcript Definition to be printed.

One student or a group of students can be selected by clicking on the Student # and selecting the students. Aeries will also honor a Skip/Keep statement generated in Query prior to generating transcripts.

To change the sort order click the mouse on the Sort By drop down and select to sort by student, counselor, teacher, section or zip code. 

Click on the Run Report button to generate transcripts.  Review the transcripts prior to printing to ensure all options were selected correctly.

The Student Transcript form automatically addresses transcripts to parents. To address transcripts to colleges, click on the Print College Address radio button. Once this Print College Address option is selected several other print options become available

  • Print to 1 College, Many Students - prints several students' transcripts to the same college  
  • Print to Many Colleges, 1 Student - prints one student's transcript to several colleges
  • Use College Requests Table - all students with records in the College Request (CRT)  table will have transcripts printed to every college with a print tag. After the transcripts are generated the date is entered in the College Request Table to indicate that the request has been completed.
  • Update College Requests - this option becomes available when the Print to 1 College, Many Students or the Print to Many Colleges, 1 Student options are selected. This option will add the college name and date printed when transcripts are printed to colleges. 

NOTE: Colleges MUST be set up in the Colleges form in order to print College addresses.

Set Up College Information

In order to print transcripts addressed to colleges, the college information must be set up on the Colleges form accessible from Student Data | Other in the navigation or by using the Filter to search for the page. 

After a College has been set up the Print Student Transcripts – Address to Colleges form will display the college in the Select a College drop down list.  The selected college’s address will print in the top left hand corner of the transcript.