The College Requests page shows the log of Student Transcripts printed to be sent to Colleges. The information is stored in the CRT - College Requests table.

College ID  - the ID number assigned to the College in the COL table.

Name - Name of the Institution.

Print Tag -  When a 'P' or 'X' is placed here, a transcript can be printed for this College from the Print Student Transcripts form.

Date 1, Date 2, Date 3 - The Date a Transcript was printed or sent to the School.

Status 1, Status 2, Status 3 - The reason the transcript was printed

  • C - College Requested the Transcript
  • R - Revised/Resent the Transcript
  • S - Student requested the Transcript be sent.

The Transcript button will take you to the Students' Transcript, the Print Transcript button will open the form to Print Transcripts with the option to print to a College and the Colleges button will open the Colleges page to add/edit a College.


Users will need permissions to the CRT - College Requests table.

Adding Individual Records

A Request record can be added directly to the list using Add New Record 

Choose the College, enter the Date of the Request/Transmittal and the Status or reason for the Request and click on the Disk icon to Save.

You can then click on Print Transcript to open the Print Student Transcript form and use the options there to print the transcript. Placing a 'P' or 'X' in the Print tag will be used by the option 'Use College Requests table' on that form.

Records added when using the Print Student Transcripts form

When using the Print Student Transcript form, College Requests can automatically be added to the Students' College Request record with these options together with the Update College Requests Option:

Print to 1 College, Many Students - This will add one record for that College to all Students chosen to print.

Print to Many Colleges, 1 Student - This will add multiple College records to the one Student chosen to print.