The Colleges page is a District-wide page used to maintain Contact information for Colleges and Universities that Students from your school may regularly attend.  The list facilitates the sending of Transcripts and other information to the Institution. The information is used for College Requests, College Articulations in Courses, and Printing Student Transcripts.


Users will need permissions to the COL table.

The Colleges List

The Colleges page is found under School Info.  

The first row of the page is a filter that can be used to search by College ID, Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code

The Details button will open up a window of expanded information.

You can Edit and Delete Colleges and Print an Envelope from this form.

To add a College, click the Add College button and fill in the form

  • College ID - Aeries auto number
  • College Name - The full mailing name of the Institution
  • Address, City, State, Zip Code - The Mailing Address for communication purposes, usually the Registrar or Office of Admissions
  • Attn: - Mail ATTN: (Normally the Registrar or Office of Admissions)
  • Telephone - Usually the Registrar or Office of Admissions
  • Code -  A single character user-defined code.

Click Add College to save.