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The Interventions page can be accessed from the menu by clicking on Student Data | Interventions.

The Interventions page displays eleven tabs on the left side of the page when a student has an Intervention record; Intervention Details, Stakeholders, Goals, Progress Comments, Meetings, Prior Interventions, Reasons & Concerns, Student Strengths, Additional Resources, Practices, and Documents.

NOTE: Viewing the Interventions form for a student who does not have any existing Intervention records will only display the Intervention Details tab and the Documents tab.


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To add a new Intervention record for a student, click the mouse on the Add New Record button on the Intervention Details page.

If a Referral for Intervention was completed for a student and that Referral for Intervention was Approved, the Interventions page will show an Add From Referral button.

Clicking on the Add From Referral button will display a Currently Approved Referrals page. Click on the Approved Referral to create an Intervention record for it. Then click on the OK button.

The Intervention Details will then display to add information. Any information that had been added on the Referral will integrate into the new Intervention record.

The Date field will default with today’s date. The Grade field will default to the student’s current grade level that is populated in the STU.GR field.

Enter the Intervention Details information and then click the mouse on the Save button to save the information.

  • Code – Select an Intervention code from the dropdown list

  • Meeting Location – Enter the location where the meeting is being held

  • Disposition – Select an Intervention Disposition from the dropdown list

  • Category – Select a Category from the dropdown list

  • Level – Select a level for the Intervention

  • Days – Total number of days for the Intervention record. This value can be manually entered or will be calculated by the dates entered in the Start Date and End Date fields.

  • Start Date and End Date – The Days will be calculated based on the start and end date values entered

  • Hours – Total hours related to the Intervention record. This value can be entered manually or will be calculated by the times entered in the Start Time and End Time fields

  • Start Time and End Time – Enter a Start and End Time for the Intervention. The Intervention Hours will be calculated based on valid start and end times entered

  • Provider – Select a Provider for the Intervention from the dropdown list

  • Placement - Select a placement for the Intervention

  • Reason - Select an Intervention Reason

  • Translation Services – Check if translation services will be used. Specify the language to be used by selecting a value from the drop down list

  • School of Incident – Choose a school to indicate where the Intervention took place. The schools in the list come from the LOC table.

  • Referred By – Select who referred the student. The values from the dropdown list comes from the STF table and populates the INV.SRF field with the Staff ID. However, this field also allows for free-text entry. If a name is entered that is not in the dropdown list, when the record is saved it will populate the INV.RF field. If the Referred by is later changed to a Staff selection from the list, the name in INV.RF will be deleted and the STF.SRF field will be populated with the Staff ID.  To make the Referred by field a required field, check the Staff Referrer SRF field on the Define Required Fields page.

  • Status – Select a status for the Intervention record

  • Comments - Enter any applicable comments regarding the student Intervention.

  • Display to Parent – This option can be turned on or off for each individual Intervention record.

NOTE: The Display to Parent option defaults to ON for all new Intervention records.

If the Display To Parent option is selected for an Intervention record and the Parent Portal Group is given appropriate security permissions to Interventions, the parent will then see that Intervention record and corresponding information in the Parent Portal Interventions area. The parent will not be able to see the Created By name.

Below is an example of the Parent Portal view when the Display To Parent option has been turned on for an Intervention record and the Parent Portal Group has been given the appropriate permissions to view the information.

If an Intervention record has the Display To Parent option deselected, that Intervention record information will not display to the Parent Portal.

After all information has been entered, click the mouse on the Save button to save the information. After saving the new Intervention record, the Created by field will populate automatically with the login name of the current user.

When an Intervention record is created from a Referral, the Intervention record will also display a Referral Information link. Clicking on this link will bring the user to the Referral for Intervention record that was previously entered for the student.

A list of the student’s saved Intervention records will display on the right side of the Interventions page with the date and INV Code associated with the record. The most recent record will display at the top of the list highlighted in blue. To select a specific record to view or edit, click the mouse on the appropriate record from the list.

A Red Flag and comment can be added to the Intervention record. To add a red flag, click the mouse on the top right of the page.

 A red flag comment box will display where a red flag comment can be added. The red flag comment is not required. After entering a comment click on OK.

The red flag and comment will display in red.

To delete an Intervention record and all information attached to that record, highlight the Intervention record in the list on the right side of the page and then click the mouse on the Delete button.


NOTE: If an Intervention record is deleted from the Intervention Details tab, any data in the associated tables will also be deleted